Technology for the blind

Blind is extremely difficult to do activities. One of them is to specify the value of the notes. With the notes that are very similar to blind many people to believe that an employee or a stranger to say that the value of banknotes in the hand is worth much. But these problems are eliminated. The two teenagers were invented to detect the color of the notes and the report of it out.Both engines are exhibiting their work at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, organized by the Society for Science & the Public and Intel (Intel) as sponsors.It's very easy to tell the difference of a coin. Because the coins are different in size, weight, thickness or texture edges medal. But to tell the difference of the notes is more difficult. The United States notes with various textures very similar, almost indistinguishable.Many countries have made printing a different color. To be used to indicate the value of money. We can distinguish the value of the immediately visible. For people with visual disorders that. Some countries have a printing different sizes or add something unique to see such a small point that could help blind people can distinguish the value of the banknotes. But it was not always the case. As of today, the two youths developed a device that allows people with disabilities to the compound eyes can recognize the value of banknotes from separate shades of different banknotes Quinita Noronha and Sepvina Mutikasari both 16 years old, a grade 12 student from. SMA Negeri 3 Yogyakarta School in Indonesian unit. Their equipment does not use a complex system of determining the value of the notes. Simply analyze the overall color of the notes through a computer program only.

"Users can attach the device to the side of the glasses. The principle is a folded bill into three parts. This is just the middle section was the only measure "Quinita described the holding center to match the LED light is used for reading color values. Light from the lamp is projected into the bill. The sensor measures the light reflected back from an average of banknotes. The colors will be converted into three primary colors, red, green, and blue values ​​of the color difference. The measured values ​​can be stored in the memory of the small computer system."After the computer to identify the value of banknotes folded there. The instrument will send a signal to the transmitter, small voice. Which serves to make a model of noise and vibration to identify the value of banknotes that read "Sepvina explained.