The classroom of the future

The classroom of the future represents a new class of intelligent students are taking classes in the near future. (Multi-touch) and for many people simultaneously (Multi-user) The purpose of the class is smart classroom use intelligent students to participate in classes which students will gain knowledge sharing (Sharing). troubleshooting (problem solving) and creativity (creating) than the current classroom where students sit and listen to the parties (Passive listening) than from teachers.

Classroom of the Future Bridging Our Future studies using a tablet computer and a media player. In this case, to the bridge structure. The teachers use the tablets to the students that each student is interested and willing to learn a few percent. Students use the computer lab experiments to design the bridge and students can learn from professionals with real experience by communicating over the Internet. The knowledge itself. Once the design is completed experimental model bridge as designed. The modeling tools to create the model. After building a model of the bridge is completed, it is an experimental weight. This bridge is the most weight a few kilos.