Wearable Technologies -Google Glass

Wearable Technologies - Google Glass

Perhaps one of the most publicized wearable devices is Google Glass, which is essentially a pair of glasses you wear that has a mini display screen you can see in the corner of your vision. There is a touch pad on the side of the glasses that you can use to access information and a camera to capture activities in front of you. It also has a microphone so you can use voice recognition to have it type messages or to send commands, like you do with Apple’s Siri or Google’s version of Siri, called Google Now.
Will everyone be wearing these glasses soon? Probably not. In fact, many places will likely ban them. For example, teachers wouldn’t allow students to wear the glasses, especially during test taking, because they’d be able to access notes and answers. Likewise, business meetings may not allow the wearing of the glasses because it has a built in camera and microphone, enabling an attendee to record sensitive information.