Education Innovation Smart Table 442i desk genius touch.

This is a multi-touch intelligent Smart Table442i desk. That can be used with multiple people. It is a gesture recognition system. Corresponding to the content being displayed on a table surface to be separate.

Indeed, it is line with the Gadget. Surface itself But this development to be used for teaching children to learn by having fun together on the table to use small groups to work together no more than eight people. Students can learn together at the same time. Can display up With multi-touch and drag to select things, whether a digital image on a pine simulated game or even finger painting. Brushstrokes of color to the art on display was. Children can enjoy playing together. The teacher may suggest a few. The use of multi-touch table learning system. Children can use their imagination to make a wider range. And learn not tired. In addition to creating on-screen display (desk surface), then children can also work out of the printer as well as products from Smart Tech Smart Table442i not Microsoft. The desk is priced at 7000 dollars, or about 231,000 baht.