Smart Transportaion Mobility

Smart Mobility is tool to achieve sustainable cities .Smart Mobility allows seamless, efficient and flexible travel across various modes. Smart mobility is a paradigm shift to a more flexible and multi-modal transport system

We are focusing on developing a strategic road map for intelligent transport systems;  providing multi-functionalities by sensors at public transport interchanges;  developing an all-in-one transport mobile application; using Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) to improve car park searching; upgrading the International & Domestic  Airport into a smart airport through automation, mobility, personalization and self-service; enhancing the safety of vehicles by integrating technologies; gearing up for the testing of autonomous vehicles; providing environmentally friendly passenger ferries; encouraging the use of bicycles in new towns and new development .


                                                                                                Smart mobility and ITS  

Advanced parking allows efficient management of multiple on-street parking spaces with one sensor. Our thinking is that more time for important things in life by spending less time in traffic. Flexibility to use the best-fitting transport mode with Safer transport system, Lower cost for individual and the society ,Better utilization of transport assets and Lower consumption of resources such as land and fuels. Smart Mobility is a powerful tool to achieve a more sustainable future.