Smart Surveillance

Smart Surveillance is a system that comprises of many technologies and will guard against all the mis happening or unfavourable events  whether it's  in small communities to the big cities . This system can operate for 24 hours.

We believes that for any city to evolve as a Smart City, it has to be safe to start with.  E-Ideas offerings in the Safe & Smart City domain includes key core solutions like communication /IT/ Telecom infrastructure , Data Center , Disaster Recovery  and management , Security , Surveillance , Traffic Management and Citizen / Mobile  Application.

For other important modules in Smart city arena, such as power, water, waste and other utility management, E-Ideas partners with reputed organizations having requisite experience and expertise. 

                                                                                                Smart Safety and Security

We have implemented diversified solutions like City Surveillance systems, Data and Disaster recovery centers, command and control centers, mobile surveillance vehicles, ANPR and RLVD. System to maintain smooth flow of traffic and imposing motor vehicle rules efficiently for safe commute.  Even in full blown smart city concepts, safety and security systems are extremely critical and play an important role in fulfilling the key objective of making the cities safer for all inhabitants and stake holders.