Smart Education

The current study has the technology to help to teach classes more children are developing faster and more potent and teachers have developed and new teaching techniques .

Today's technology has helped to teach more learning, enabling children to develop faster and more potent and to develop teachers and new teaching techniques as well. The children with learning disabilities like children as well, because the technology is intelligent.

With the exponential technological advances, anything could be instrumented, interconnected, and infused with intelligent design, so is education. Smart education has gained significance attention in recent years. The development of new technologies enables learners to learn more effectively, efficiently, flexibly and comfortably. Learners utilize smart devices to access digital resources through wireless network and to immerse in both personalized and seamless learning. Smart education, a concept that describes learning in digital age, has gained increased attention.

                                                        Smart Education based on Advanced IT Infrastructure

It is focused on learners and content more than on devices; second, it is effective, intelligent, tailored learning based on advanced IT infrastructure. The technology plays an important role supporting smart learning, but the focus should not just on the utilization of smart devices considered that smart learning, which combines the advantages of social learning and ubiquitous leaning, is learner-centric and service-oriented educational paradigm, rather than one just focused on utilizing devices.