Smart Energy

While the world is innovation in clean energy technologies such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy. Can progress to more. And appeared as a result of production. Design and innovation vastly over the past period.

Smart energy is one of the first uses that comes to people’s mind when they think about the Internet of Everything, which has led to a lot of innovation in that space. E-Ideas will continue to build on our smart energy initiatives to both reduce our carbon footprint and reallocate savings to other areas of the company.

With a plethora of energy storage technologies in development, including those championed by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk around electric vehicles and on-site batteries, the possibilities for creating, managing, and storing clean energy at home are expanding exponentially as well.

The effective management of energy production, distribution and consumption is one of the big challenges of cities. A smart city is a sustainable and efficient urban center that provides a high quality of life to its inhabitants through optimal management of its resources. Energy management is one of the most demanding issues within such urban centers owing to the complexity of the energy systems and their vital role.



Smart energy management 

Smart homes as the new norm -we cannot wait for the day when carefully controlled energy flows through each of my home’s gadgets—appliances, electric vehicle, rooftop PV, and on-site storage—before the connection to our local utility is engaged to balance any shortage or excess.