Smart Society

The wireless communications, such as the borders not only make the world a more concise approach. Economic opportunities open up more channels. Also result in higher competition. The plan will push the strategic ICT ASEAN. The members try to focus on "innovation" and "Network."

Smart Community is an initiative aiming at efficient energy utilization that is achieved by using certain technology, e.g., IT and accumulators, adequately combining distributed energy sources (distributed energy systems), e.g., cogeneration systems and renewable energy, and managing energy in an area-wide manner.

Smart communities generally consist of: cogeneration systems, facilities for generating electricity or using heat generated by renewable energy sources, those for energy creation, e.g., residential use fuel cell (Ene-Farm), those for energy storage, e.g., accumulators and electric vehicles (vehicle-mounted accumulators), and energy management systems (EMSs) that connect said facilities in a smart manner and realize the optimum operation of energy.

                            Picture of Smart Community  

E-Ideas can provide a solution for risk dispersion for stable energy supply, efficient energy utilization (energy-saving effect), reducing environmental loads and establishing efficient electricity systems through utilizing EMSs. E-Ideas can install smart meters, participate in the development and standardization of technology that harmonizes EMSs with various types of devices, e.g., home appliances. It will endeavor to start initiatives aiming to globally standardize the technology.