Smart Innovation

Innovation  means "something new that arises from the use of knowledge and creativity that benefits the economy and society" refers to what happens to the ability to apply knowledge. Creativity, skills and experience in management, technology or develop a product. Or process Or new services In order to meet market demand. As well as technology improvements Distribution Technology Product design And training to be used to increase the economic value and public benefit in the form of an investment business operators or new markets or new revenue sources. The new employment

A smart innovation is always required to come up with a new solutions and for that a constant research is required. E-Ideas is committed to do a research in the field of ICT so that it can cater to the need to the citizens.

Innovation means "new things that result from the use of knowledge and creativity that are beneficial to the economy and society," and include what is happening with the ability to use knowledge.

Creativity, skills and experience in technology or management is must to develop innovative products. Or refine production process or new service to meet the needs of the market as well as technological improvements. Technology spread product design and training used to increase economic value and bring about public benefits in the form of business, investment, entrepreneurship or new markets or new sources of income including new employment.

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The current research emphasis is on innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. Intelligent cities are advanced ecosystems of innovation, combining knowledge-intensive clusters, technology learning institutions, and digital spaces. Intelligent cities constitute a discrete category of intelligent environments created by the agglomeration of creativities, smaller systems of innovation that operate within cities (technology districts, technology parks, innovation poles, innovative clusters), and digital networks and online services.