Consoles Will Be In Smart TV, Phones And Tablets In 10 Years, Says EA

Consoles Will Be In Smart TV, Phones And Tablets In 10 Years, Says EA

According to EA executive vice president Matt Bilbey, game streaming will become the norm in 10 years. Then, we’ll get to play triple-A titles directly from our smart TV or devices like phones and tablets.

The comment he offered GamesIndustry International is similar to Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot, and also pushes in the same direction Microsoft is currently focusing onas revealed back at E3. Sony has been running PlayStation Now for a while now, too.

"The console makers are smart groups. I think they'll find new roles that consoles can play in people's lives And it could be that the console actually exists in the smart TV," Bilbey said.

"Or the next PlayStation just exists on your phone, and that then pushes the experience to all the different screens you have access to." 

"In five year time, people will still have [consoles], I imagine, just out of retro [sentiment]. They look good. But in 10 years, they will be in one of the other devices you have."

This kind of platform agnostic approach is reportedly helping developers and publishers to have a major focus on content and users, which is why Electronic Arts is also shaping up an evolution of Frostbite which supports user generated content.

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2018-08-10 18:12:30